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Because water is what we’re made of.
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  • Water Coolers
    We carry a full range of mains connected water coolers for the home & work environment.
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  • Water Filters
    Drinking the water straight from your tap is now possible. We have filters that deal with the removal of chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, bad tastes & odours.
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  • Water Sterilisers
    If you have an issue with coliforms, e-coli or any other form of bacteria a 100% safe solution is at hand without the use of chemicals.
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  • Reverse Osmosis
    Bring bottle quality water to your tap with our 5 stage filtration process. A simple fountain tap fitted on your sink will provide you with an endless supply of 100% pure drinking water
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  • Water Softeners
    Water softeners – Why fit one? Having a water softener installed has many benefits. All electrical appliances in a household using water are aff…
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  • Well Water Systems
    75% Grants Well Water grants are available through your local county council. Contact Us for a WG1 application form & we will guide you through th…
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Best Selling Products

  • Big Blue Housing 10″
    €95.00 INCL VAT
  • Ecosoft carbon block replacement filter 2.5″×10″
    €25.00 INCL VAT
  • PP Melt Blown sediment filter 2.5″×10″
    FROM: €10.00 INCL VAT
  • UV Water Steriliser
    €650.00 INCL VAT


Free Water Testing Available

Why Choose Us?

The Watermill was established in 1990 to offer a cost effective alternative to bottle water. Our reputation has been built on a combination of market experience, technical support & customer satisfaction.

We supply & install water filter taps, drinking water coolers & well water treatment systems to thousands of homes & businesses throughout Ireland. We stock a comprehensive range of products, from household water filters, drinking water coolers & well water treatment systems which allows us to fulfill customers requirements nationwide.

Client Experiences

  • Thanks for excellent service, my new water softener has put an end to replacing the electric shower every two years.

    Paul McCormack, Meath
  • My problems with rotten egg smell & iron are no more. Professionally installed in a tight area of my pump house. Thanks for all your help & advice.

    John Farrell, Longford
  • Very fast response, delighted with my drinking water filter, happy to recommend both Water Mill & their filter system.

    Vicky Morrow, Athlone
  • Been a customer for over twenty years, reliable service, always on the end of the phone for advice.

    Sean Duffy, Sligo
  • Delighted with my new water cooler,chilled water on demand & no more plastic bottles for my blue bin. Thanks for the neat installation.

    Linda Casey, Cavan

Recent News

  • Bacteria in a well, E. coli/coliforms. Is it safe to drink? Jun 03, 2020
    Bacteria in a well or from any source for that matter is not safe for drinking. It would be important to find the source of the contamination & prevent any further l…
  • Problem water? If you experience taste & colour issues. May 26, 2020
    Minerals such as iron, sulfur & manganese are often naturally present in water. The everyday activities of industry & agriculture also add impurities to the envi…
  • What should I look for in drinking water? May 11, 2020
    The first thing to look out for in drinking water is the importance of minerals present. Pure water is referred to as H2O and should never be used as drinking water. Wat…

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