Ecosoft carbon block replacement filter 2.5″×10″

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  • Water is free from odours ,
  • Efficient water supplied down to 5 microns
  • Replacement of filters recommended every 6 months

Filter media contains carbon-block from coconut shell activated carbon.

The Ecosoft carbon block replacement filter reduces content of chlorine and chlorination by-products, concentration of heavy and non-ferrous metals, phenol, oil products and pesticides. Improves colour, taste and odour of water. Due to its block structure it  removes sediment size up to 5 micron.

The carbon block Ecosoft 2.5 “x10” increased resource for chlorine reduction — 15 000 litres.

Is suitable as third stage of purifing  in 5-stage or reverse osmosis filters.


Apartment or house with 5-stage  reverse osmosis filter inhabited up to 5 people.

Key advantages

  • Tasty water thanks to 100% granular coconut shell carbon
  • Extended capacity of 15 000 L
  • Reduction of chlorine and organic matter, improvement of taste, colour and odour of water
  • Uniform of structure provides full surface filtration.
  • Applicable for reverse osmosis filters produced by other manufacturers